Thursday, March 17, 2011

Michigan to Morocco in 48 Hours

“We have a saying here,” said Fatima, a Peace Corps staff member who greeted us, “that the visitor who arrives in the rain brings good luck. You have brought us lots of good luck.”

We touched down at Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca in a light rain at about 6:40 a.m. on Wednesday, March 16, almost exactly two days after left Michigan. We moved through customs and baggage claim quickly. By 8:30 the 60 volunteers in our group were on buses and were on the autoroute headed for Marrakesh through intermittent rain and sunshine. At first it looked a little like Indiana, flat, green. It stayed green – there’s been a lot of rain this spring they say – but gradually the contours changed and the earth turned red. First slightly rolling hills dusted with an orange flower, then oddly pointed hills, walled compounds and villages, paths line with prickly pear cactus hedges, and eventually sharper hills with stone outcroppings. We pulled into our hotel where we’ll spend the next two days at about 12:30. It was raining again, harder now, so we got pretty damp as we unloaded and were taken to our bungalows. It’s a lovely place made up of a hotel and bungalows, all a rosy pink.

We had a full day of meetings yesterday. At about 9:30 we all crashed, after about 40 hours straight of travel and work. More meetings and medical checks today, then a promised visit to Marrakesh’s medina tonight. Tomorrow, we head for our next city, which will be the hub for all of our training groups. I promise pictures and more details as soon as I have a little more time. For now, just know that I’m doing well and I’m happy. This is an amazing group of (mostly young) people. This is going to be great.


  1. Grandpa!!!! It's good to hear from you! Glad to hear that you arrived safely to Morocco. We miss you! Sounds like it is beautiful there. Great to hear that you're already loving it. Can't wait to come visit or see you when you arrive back in Michigan!

    Rachel Dana

    P.S. I will have you know that it is not snowing anymore. :) Sunshine and blue skies...summer is coming.

  2. Hey Grandpa! Robin and Nicole here. We're glad to hear that you made it to Morocco safely!! It's drizzly here right now, hopefully it will start to pour. I love the rain. I made the JV soccer team! Just wanted to let you know.

    Have a great time.
    Nicole and Robin

  3. Jimmy,
    Well, it is about time you got back to work.

  4. Jim,
    I am happy that you traveled all that way and were only exposed to the Indiana scenery for a short time.

    "The Road to Marrakesh"- Bogie and Bacall; it all sounds way exotic to me and I can't wait to hear more.