Wish Lists

At the suggestion of some friends, I'm listing some things that I like and that are hard to get or expensive here in Morocco. Please be advised that shipping is expensive (see the "Stay in Touch" tab), so don't hesitate to think twice before you make up that package.

I'm including both a "Work" list and a "Personal" list. Both will evolve over time, I'm sure.

Scrabble, Bananagrams and other word games
Children's Puzzles
Whiffle Balls, (baseball size)
Coloring books/pages
Connect the dot pages
Pencil sharpeners
Plain paper (drawing)
Colored paper
School scissors
Scotch tape
Masking tape
Stick'm putty
Children's picture books (with and without words)
Playing cards (regular and children's games)
Jump ropes

Letters - yes, you! Email works, too!
Pictures - I want to see your lives, too
Books - all kinds
Movie/TV DVDs
Curel (original scent or unscented)
Reusable bags (e.g., ziplock)
Storage (a la Tupperware) - as part of packaging
Peanut Butter (chunky or smooth)
Wheat Thins/Ritz
Coffee [My fav: Seattle's Best - #4 (Henry's Blend)]
Brown sugar (for oatmeal, baking)
Running shirts (w/sleeves), L
Running shorts, L
Running socks, anklets, white cotton, (shoe size 8)
Shoe Goo
Short sleeved, button-up shirts w/pockets, L