Stay in Touch

EMAIL I now have a "stick" - USB modem - that allows me Internet access in my village and on the road, pretty much all the time.


Jim’s Peace Corps Saga (that’s the current title - it changes, depending on conditions, and my whim): (a public blog)

If you want to stay in touch, “follow” my blogs. There’s an icon in the sidebars that makes it easy. Click here, if you want more information on what “following” is and how to do it. If you have any questions, you can also email me and ask.


From the U.S.: 011 (212) 662-366-785

My phone is a work phone. Rates from the U.S. are very expensive, about $1.50 per minute. Same goes for calls from Morocco. Barring an emergency, I have no intention of making phone calls to the U.S., and I'd advise you to do the same. Now that I have Internet access, I plan to learn to use Skype in the near future.

If anyone should decide to call, using Skype or the phone, please keep in mind the time difference - 4 to 5 hours, depending on daylight savings time.


My permanent mailing address in Morocco is:
Jim Dana, PCV
B.P 328
Kalaa M'Gouna, 45200 Tinghir


Airmail letters usually take 10-12 days. Surface mail takes from 1 to 4 months. Mail that goes through the Moroccan  post office is subject to customs inspection, censorship, and currency control. Do not send cash. It is not likely to reach me. (As if you would, anyway!)

Letters cost $.98 and take about two weeks to arrive. Padded envelopes cost somewhat more - in the $5 range, maybe more, depending on the weight. 

Packages are expensive. The best deal I've heard of so far is a USPS Priority Mail box, in which you can stuff as much as you want up to 20 lbs. for about $47. Prices go up from there. Shipping takes 1-2 weeks. Don't even think about UPS, FedEx, or other express services.

Packing Your Package
Please pack any items that might spill (liquids or powders) in ziplock bags. I can always reuse the bags. And pack the boxes full so that the contents don't shift around. Consider filling any empty spaces with wadded up hand-towels or that sort of thing, which will both cushion the contents and be useful once I unpack.

Please label the contents as "gifts" with a value of less than $50 to avoid the imposition of fees at my end.

Keeping Track
If you intend to become a regular correspondent by mail, number your letters and packages in sequence (I will do the same). That way we'll know if anything went missing or arrived out of order.