Thursday, December 16, 2010

Morocco, Here I Stay!

This'll be short & sweet. Peace Corps offered me a spot as a Rural Health Educator, and I've accepted.

I'll still be leaving in mid-March. My efforts to learn to read, write, and speak Arabic have not been in vain. (Ditto, French). My community involvement and non-profit experience will stand me in good stead. I have some work to do on the "health" part of it, though.

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  1. Jim, your story is a familiar one for us. My husband and I were told we'd be leaving for an "English-speaking country in Africa" back in March of 2010. Scheduled time was October. Sold the house, gave away almost everything, moved to a tiny apartment - our own personal "staging" area. Call comes in late August - the program is cancelled, but they know we've been waiting a long time (since October 2009), so we're at the top of the list. We received an invitation in October 2010 to work in Belize as rural health educators (was googling that phrase and that's how I found your blog), scheduled to deploy late March.

    We've been in countdown mode since the beginning of the year, but now I'm a little leery of doing too much, burning too many bridges.

    We wish you luck, health, and a rewarding experience in Morocco.

    We have a blog, too - - if you're interested. We'll be following yours to see how it goes!

    Take care- Cathy Burnham