Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Incroyable! Encore une annulation!

Incredible. My Peace Corps program has again been cancelled!
I got a call yesterday from the Morocco Country Desk Officer telling me that the NGO development worker program (a pilot program) has been cancelled. She told me that I was at the "very tip-top" of the list for reassignment (seeing as how this is the second of my assignments to be cancelled). There is another program in Morocco, leaving at the same time, for which I qualify “at least on paper” – rural health education worker.
So this is now the third program the Peace Corps thinks I'm qualified for, and I know there's another - business development. They must think I'm a Renaissance man! Actually the danger will be if I begin thinking I'm a Renaissance man. My first thought on hearing this possibility was, "in what way do I qualify as a rural health worker?" But then I began to think of a variety of ways, especially in regard to community health programs, in which I could be effective.
I'm playing phone tag with a guy in the placement office right now, so nothing is definite yet. But if they formally offer the rural health worker job to me, I'll take it. Stay tuned….!

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  1. I'm convinced that the more work/life experience you have the broader range of programs you're qualified for. You seem to be the poster child for that.

    Best of luck to you and I hope that the third times a charm!