Thursday, June 9, 2011

We've Lost Our Bridge!

When I went home last Monday, about half a foot of water was washing over the approach to the auto bridge. The tranzit went ahead anyway. I was a little nervous, but it worked out all right. We must have been one of the last vehicles through. The bridge was closed a little later, and stayed closed for the next 36 hours.

When I got back to my village, I walked down to the river to see how our footbridge was holding up, but it was gone! And the river, which is usually a blue-green stream about 10 yards across, was a red torrent about 75 yards across. Since then, the water has receded a bit. The footbridge is reemerging about 15 yards downstream.

The river yesterday as waters receded. A part of the footbridge lifts its head
out of the wtaer in upper midstream.
It will be interesting to see when and how it will be replaced. It’s an essential communication link. Most of the foot, bicycle, and motorbike traffic from my village depend on it to get to Kalaa, our market town. The trip by footpath is about 4 km, as opposed to 7 km by road. The high school students from town all use it, sometimes twice a day, depending on their schedules. And I use it, too. I much prefer to walk rather than using the (public) tranzit. I’ll keep you posted.

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